448px-Holme Moss Transmission Tower

One of main Radio trabsmtting stations is located on the moor. The base of the station is 1719 ft (524 m) above sea level and the mast another 750 ft (228 m) on top of that. This gives a maximum aerial height of 2467 ft (752 m) which is one of the highest in the UK. The mast weighs 140 tons and is held up by 5 sets of stay levels. It carries the FM radio signals for the BBC's national radio stations, Radio Leeds and Sheffield, and Radio Manchester (formerly GMR). At 250 kW erp Holme Moss is one of the most powerful VHF transmitters in the country.

An earlier mast at Holme Moss was used to broadcast BBC television signals on the 405 line VHF system before Emley Moor transmitter took over, when the UHF system began. It was the first main transmitter for the previous system in the north of england when it opened on 12 October 1951. For some time both the new and old masts stood side by side, until the old TV mast was finally demolished in 1985.

Television signals from Holme Moss travelled much further than their intended service area. The Isle of Man and parts of the Irish republic, mainly Dublin and Wicklow, could receive a signal from Holme Moss for some years. Both Emley Moor can be seen from the location.

Holme Moss is beautiful and the mast would of been a very powerful BBC one but i dont know why they made it radio :(