Emley Moor Television Mast

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A Little about itEdit

Emley moor is an area of moorland in the village of Emley, in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England (national grid reference: SE222128), and also the name of a supertall teleommunications and broadcasting station on the site. The tower is the tallest free-standing building in the UK, 4th in Europe, and 25th in the world.

Full DescriptionEdit

The mast is 330.4 Metres (1,080 ft) tall, and BBC and ITV reigon Yorkshire. The mast is the third to be standing there (i dont know about the first) but the second was a guyed mast 385.5 metres (1,265 ft) and was indentical to Belmont in Lincolnshire. But disaster struck, on the 19th of March 1969 the mast regularly had icicles hanging off the guy wires and had a red light on top and warning signs on the gut wire crossings of falling ice. And on the date mentioned earlier ice and wind brung the mast down, no-one was hurt but the noise was heard several miles away. BBC2 and ITV1 were disabled (not BBC1 was nearby holme moss on the pennines supplied that.) to over 7 million people. A emergency 61 metre mast but was then replaced by a larger temporary mast (204 metres) which cost £100,000 and was up and running within 28 days.

After that in late 1969 the construction of the concrete one stood there today began UHF transmissions on 21 January 1971. And has recieved a grade II listed building :) It ways 11,000 tonnes and is owned by Arqiva and broadcasts all 6 multiplexes and analog channels and digital radio. Coverage is most of Yorkshire Hull, Leeds Lincoln and even Greater Manchester (other side of the pennines) due to the height and strength of the tower.

Facts conclude:

7 minutes in a lift to each the top

2 Lifts one enclosed (7 mins) and one open so you can see the concrete but talks 11 mins.

Can be seen swaying in high gales!!