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Bilsdale and Emley Moor broadcast the whole of Yorkshire and tyne tees. Bilsdale "Moor Mast" the probalby the only mast in England to be in such an beautiful location as the North York Moors.

Full DescriptionEdit

Bilsdale Transmitting station, located on Bisldale west moor close to Helmsley North Yorks is a guyed steel tubular mast used to boradcast Tv and Radio signals to North Yorks and Tyne Tees. The height of the mast is 314 metres (1,030 ft) and is along the most powerful in the UK reaching 500KW ERP and been equipped with aircraft warning lights.

Bilsdale was constructed in 1971 by the BBC to bring television to UHF to the Tees Valley for the first time. Having added UHF TV to the existing VHF TV stations at Pontop Pike and Emley Moor, it was quickly established that a new station would be required to cover County Durham and north North Yorkshire where existing coverage was poor, and thus the new station was built.

Coverage extends through the Tees Valley reigon, North Yorkshire and southern County Durham. This concludes Harrogate and York to the south, Filey and Whitby to the east, Middlesborough, Darlington, Peterlee, Hartlepool and southern sunderland ro the north and Barnard Castle and Worton to the west. And will switch over with and power increase in sometime in 2012.

Bilsdale is accesable by walking from Hawnby over fields a walk which im going to do in summer :)